At Sabre Airline Solutions®, our mission is to help airlines succeed through technological advancements. We also aim to continually help our airline partners discover new ways to differentiate their offering and grow their business. The airline industry continues to evolve, and our work to further improve the traveler experience — even beyond the flight — is never-ending. This is why, in recent months, we have partnered with The Economist Intelligence Unit to gain valuable insight into the customer experience from the perspectives of both travelers and airline executives.

Based on the information gathered from industry leaders, the research identified ways airlines can improve the customer experience in the near term using solutions that are available today and already in practice at some airlines. These include adapting existing technologies to personalize travel and building on best practices from other industries.

One of the bolder findings from the study revealed capturing value from the broader travel chain as a potential way for airlines to become more integral problem solvers to today’s travel challenges. For example, collecting passenger data and preferences — not only concerning the flight but surrounding aspects of the entire trip — may allow airlines to stay informed of interruptions in the travel chain. This would enable airlines to communicate with customers in a timely fashion, and to offer solutions that adjust to problems or quickly address fallout if the problems are unsolvable. This ability to smooth the entire journey could bring greater value to the traveler.

I believe that giving customers the best possible experience throughout their full trip will be critical to airlines’ long-term growth and continued success. And I thank The Economist Intelligence Unit for their thorough research regarding what airlines can do today and into the future to enhance the traveler journey.

Based on the research and findings, I am pleased to present “Airline Customer Experience: Vital To Long-term Success,” a report designed, in part, to shed light on techniques to help airlines enhance their customers’ end-to-end travel experience. The insights pulled from industry leaders across the globe push us to think about these challenges in new ways.

We have an opportunity to leverage technology to improve the traveler experience, and I look forward to partnering with airlines to make that happen. I invite you to read the full report and engage in the dialogue by sharing your insights with my team at

Dana S. Jones
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Sabre Airline Solutions