Expanding Capabilities For Group Travelers

Introducing Sabre AirVision Group Optimizer

Group-revenue-management solution helps airlines maximize revenue and minimize risks generated from group customers. The solution supports the completion of group reservations and requests effectively and efficiently, utilizing automated business processes that reduce error-prone manual interactions and time-to-completion.

In today’s environment, business challenges are escalating for airlines as the industry continues to evolve and become more complex and competitive. These mounting challenges continue to center around necessary requirements to increase profits, as well as analysts’ productivity. Added into this mix for airlines is the need to become more customer-centric in their approach, and in their service offerings.

One area of airline operations in particular that is affected by these complexities involves the group-reservations process. Group-revenue-management systems have been constrained by dated technology and/or cumbersome processes that inhibit accurate and expedient decision-making capabilities. This archaic practice continues to require airline personnel to perform numerous manual touchpoints supported by overnight batch processing, resulting in slower decision-making response times, slower time-to-value and decreased customer satisfaction.

The need to implement a new approach — involving technology and processes — is amplified by the fact that group reservations can contribute as much as 10 percent to an airline’s overall revenue and helps fill seats that may have otherwise gone unsold. Conversely, if handled improperly, group reservations — which are often offered at discount and/or special rates — can dilute an airline’s revenue and overall bottom line instead.

Group Optimizer encapsulates the entire group-reservation process flow from request through to fulfillment. The solution provides integrated and automated group-revenue-management business processes, enabling analysts to generate accurate and opportunistic decisions in real-time.

Optimizing Group Revenue Management

To handle the unique challenges associated with the group-reservations process from initial request to fulfillment, airlines require a powerful decision-support tool.

Sabre AirVision Group Optimizer, Sabre’s next-generation group-revenue-management solution helps airlines control group reservations and requests effectively and efficiently.

The advantages of Group Optimizer to airlines are numerous. Developed as a robust and configurable tool, Group Optimizer facilitates the optimization of group revenue management across all of an airline’s revenue streams, including fares, ancillaries and partnerships.

Integrating Real-Time Inventory

Group Optimizer’s real-time inventory integration provides more accurate and timely decision-making for airlines. It enables airline personnel to sense and respond to competitive pricing and inventory changes immediately to accurately forecast demand and maximize revenues via integrated user workflow, rules engine and expanded set of alerts flowing between inventory and revenue management

Group Optimizer is transforming group revenue management, empowering airlines to optimize group-revenue streams, maximize market share and improve analyst productivity.

Automating Decision-Making Workflows

By utilizing automatic workflows, group booking requests can be approved, rejected or redirected to low-demand flights based on their impact on total network revenue. These workflows bring additional value to an airline by permitting their travel agents and individual customers to access the system with self-service workflows to complete fulfillment requests and make payments and deposits directly without assistance from airline personnel.

By eliminating the need for manual processes and airline intervention to complete a group reservation, productivity increases are realized as group-revenue analysts are allowed to focus on the more strategic aspects of their jobs.

Group Optimizer’s automated workflows eliminate many error-prone, manual-intensive processes in use today, leading to increased productivity as group-revenue analysts are allowed to focus on more strategic areas of their jobs.

Extending Adaptable Reporting Capabilities

Analysts can also use Group Optimizer to generate reports tailored for their specific needs by selecting data elements from tables and placing them into a custom subset. These customizable reports can be saved and scheduled for future delivery to provide timely information for efficient decision-making. Airlines also have the option to request reports that provide detailed historic information on the performance of their individual travel agencies to support auditing requirements.

Fundamental Transformation

As the airline industry continues to evolve, group-revenue-management systems will need to evolve, as well. They will need to support this new approach to drive future revenue opportunities. They will also need to incorporate workflows that benefit business processes, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Group Optimizer addresses these future requirements — now, transforming today’s group-revenue-management process and enabling airlines to optimize group-management streams and improve analysts’ productivity, all in real-time.