Slot Manager Mobile

Immediate Access To Slot Data, Anywhere, Anytime

Airline slot experts can be summoned to handle an operational slot problem or take advantage of a slot opportunity with exceptionally short notice. This requires immediate access to an airline’s slot data and certain slot-management functions. When slot experts are out of the office, they will be able to use Slot Manager Mobile on their mobile device to quickly access slot data and make educated slot decisions.

Slots at the world’s most congested airports often require expert handling because these slots are particularly valuable, and precautions must be taken not to lose historic slots and to ensure that any changes are made in accordance with an airline’s slot-portfolio strategy and in keeping with the airport’s local rules.

Slot experts at many airlines use the Sabre AirVision Slot Manager IATA system, which provides an extensive set of business capabilities to manage an airline’s slot data. Slot Manager IATA is accessed onsite from users’ laptops or desktop computers.

However, what happens after hours when the slot expert is not on duty and the operations department is faced with an urgent slot problem? Or when slot experts run into situations, such as strategic opportunities, where quick decision-making is required outside of the office?

Mobile Slot Management

In the example above, slot experts use an iPhone running Slot Manager Mobile to solve an urgent slot issue at Madrid. This involves checking which slots are held on the date in question, adding data for a new slot to be requested and then sending the slot request to the Madrid coordinator. All done quickly from screens designed for a mobile device.

When slot experts are not physically in the office but they need immediate access to specific Slot Manager capabilities and slot data, they can now access this information remotely via Slot Manager Mobile.

Slot Manager Mobile is accessed by mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Slot Manager Mobile connects directly to Slot Manager IATA using 4G/LTE cellular networks or regular wireless networks. Therefore, the solution is available 24/7 to slot experts in most parts of the world.

The objective of this new technology is to provide fast access to a subset of capabilities available in Slot Manager IATA using a simple, straightforward, mobile-device oriented interface. This subset of capabilities — such as finding slots held at an airport on a certain date, adding data for new slot requests and sending slot-change requests to airport slot coordinators — is based on the most common needs when working remotely.

Slot Manager Mobile accesses an airline’s Slot Manager IATA database. The system’s users access and see the same data as they would in the office, except in a simplified format. Any changes made with Slot Manager Mobile are directly updated in the Slot Manager IATA database. This ensures that the Slot Manager Mobile user is completely in synch with what is happening at the airline’s headquarters and vice versa.

A major upside to Slot Manager Mobile is that airline slot experts can manage slot problems around the clock, provided they have a remote device and a 4G/LTE or wireless network.

For example, slot experts can help airline operations address slot problems for very near-term operational issues where action must be taken immediately instead of waiting for the next business day.

Slot experts can also take quick advantage of slot opportunities before they are lost to other airlines.

Slot Manager Mobile will initially be provided to Slot Manager IATA customers that are currently working closely with Sabre in developing this new offering. Subsequently, it will be offered as an add-on for all Slot Manager IATA customers.