... with Hugh Jones

President, Sabre Airline Solutions

Various hot topics and new trends in the airline industry frequently arise and are discussed with regularity. For example, we talk a lot about customer experience; airline retailing; planning and scheduling; pricing; revenue management; fuel consumption and costs; and numerous other business issues that are critical to an airline’s entire operation. While many of these areas have been known to operate independent of one another, they all have a fundamental commonality.

Data. Vast, enormous, epic amounts of data. There is certainly no shortage of data in the airline industry. It isn’t the data that is hard to come by, but rather the ability to analyze all the variations of data in near real-time and turn it into an invaluable asset. Clearly, that’s no small feat.

For all intents and purposes, data is a staple for all successful airlines that strive to provide a world-class customer experience, effectively compete and achieve record revenues.

At Sabre, we place great emphasis on data because it is necessary to progress. In everything we do, we look at how airlines can take large amounts of data and translate it into powerful information.

For example, much of the focus today in the airline industry revolves around customer experience. So it stands to reason that our customer-service strategy revolves around airlines and their customers. It centers on an end-to-end customer experience that today’s airline travelers want and expect. That is why we continuously develop solutions, such as the SabreSonic Customer Data Hub, that provide a single source for all customer data by compiling it from numerous touchpoints and using it to enhance the customer journey.

Through robust solutions such as our Intelligence Exchange platform, we continuously bring to market new technologies that support airlines in their efforts to capture meaningful data and use it to its fullest potential.

In addition to a feature about the Customer Data Hub, the special section showcases several ways in which data can be used to enhance an airline’s overall performance.

For instance, Sabre Commercial Analytics, which will be available this year, provides a new analytical method of managing and leveraging data within the airline commercial-planning process. It was designed specifically to help carriers achieve total revenue optimization and build their brand while becoming better retailers.

And then there’s data-driven scheduling, which incorporates valuable passenger traffic, market and fare data, which enables higher-quality, balanced decisions further into the schedule-development process.

Our commitment to all of our airline partners is to continue to develop and bring to market technology they can use to bring the world’s travelers the best possible experience and, at the same time, achieve strong financial results.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Ascend, and I look forward to working with you as, together, we discover ways to harness and analyze all the rich data your airline obtains, and turn it into actionable insights.