Advancing Aviation Through Technology

D uring our global conference in April, we had a lot of great discussions around the importance of using meaningful data to become better retailers; building a partnership between airlines and airports to enhance the customer experience; and enabling a unique customer experience by knowing, valuing, servicing and empowering airlines’ customers. It’s clear that everything pivots around the customer.

As airlines, how do you optimize revenue per customer versus revenue per seat, and how do you deliver that differentiated customer experience at a higher profit margin? Imagine what that could look like. Imagine building a robust schedule based on the needs of your customers.

Say I’m a frequent corporate traveler and I pick your airline because you offered me a schedule and a fare that meets my needs. As I’m driving to the airport, I receive two ancillary offers, personalized for me based on my previous purchases. I buy Wi-Fi, and I buy a premium economy upgrade so I can get some work done during my long-haul flight. I arrive at the airport, drop off my pre-tagged bag and quickly move through security. As I’m going to my gate, I get an alert. My flight has been cancelled and I risk missing my meetings.

Now, I know many airlines manage major disruptions on a regular basis. While it’s really difficult, it’s also an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to uniquely serve your customers.

So let’s imagine this. As quickly as my flight was canceled, I receive a new itinerary and a lounge pass. As I arrive at the gate, the agent identifies my profile on his tablet and knows I’m a high-value customer. He immediately apologizes for my inconvenience and he upgrades me to business class.

What could have been a really difficult situation has turned into a positive outcome. I am far more likely to travel on your airline moving forward. So, this is an example of how a series of interactions can build loyalty and lead to a more profitable customer.

This vision around customer centricity is vital to the airline industry, and Sabre Airline Solutions is helping airlines and related industries enable this vision. As such, during our global conference in 2014, we announced 10 new products – and we’ve delivered them all – and many of these products are foundational to enabling this experience I just illustrated. Additionally, as announced during this year’s global conference, we’re introducing 13 more solutions that are going to be delivered during the next 12 to 18 months – products based on investing in our core and also continuing to expand our solution footprint.

While these solutions were covered during this year’s global conference, we’ve dedicated some space in this issue of Ascend to give insight into some of our technological innovations that will help your airline operate at optimum levels.

We’re making sizable investments across our entire portfolio, and we’ll use various channels, including Ascend, to keep you informed about our progress so you can move seamlessly into the future with your customers.

I look forward to working with you as we build better technology for a better tomorrow.


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