Knowledge is Power

An Airline’s Edge In Maximizing Return On Technology Investment

A result of customer input and feedback, the Continuous Learning Series provides SabreSonic® Customer Sales & Service (CSS) clients the best in education and updated product training, enabling them to realize maximum return on their technological investments.

Investing in advanced technology is among the smartest moves companies can make, especially in the fast-moving 21st-century world of aviation and global transportation.

However, it is also critical to make full and proper use of that advanced technology — from a competitive standpoint, as well as the financial realities encountered in the day-to-day operations of a thriving business.

Sabre Airline Solutions® established the Continuous Learning Series on this fundamental basis. Free of charge to SabreSonic CSS customers, the sessions enable them to reap maximum benefits from their technology investments via regular training sessions with the greater airline community where vast knowledge is shared by all. This empowers participants to understand the technology and use it to its maximum potential.

“The session was really good and informative, and we enjoyed the interaction with other airline partners,” said Mai Hoang Chi, reservations manager for Vietnam Airlines. “And the information shared is going to help us further improve our processes. We’re looking forward to implementing more EMDs [Electronic Miscellaneous Documents].”

In addition to educating airline agents about the technology they use, the sessions were also designed to address any system issues and fine tune business processes.

Technology Investment Broadened

Each year, several airline representatives from around the world attend the Continuous Learning Series to gain insight into the systems they use as well as network with the greater airline community to learn about best industry practices.

“The session was very informative, and we were able to identify various issues and the resolutions,” said Chantell Ausmeier, operations business support analyst for Kulula. “We had a lot of discussions about the correct steps on various things like Exchanges and EMDs, and now we feel confident about the teachings.”

“The content was very informative, and we really liked the pace and the way the entire session was conducted,” agreed Patricia Minihold, Kulula operations business support analyst.

Because aviation technology tends to advance with almost breathtaking speed and regularity, training in each increment of technological development is not just desirable, it is imperative.

Therefore, the Continuous Learning Series was initiated based largely upon the strong recommendations of numerous SabreSonic CSS customers who felt a certain urgency to not only acquire broader and deeper product training, but also to provide additional input on product updates — an invaluable service that would enable airlines to get the most from their investments.

Continuous Learning Series sessions are scheduled at regular intervals at key global locations including Sabre Airline Solutions’ headquarters in Southlake, Texas, as well as its offices in London and Bangalore.

Comprehensive Training

The Continuous Learning Series provides the most thorough documentation and training, arming users with up-to-date, correct information their airline can use to heighten the customer experience and simplify the complexities of the business.

The objective is to provide the best documentation and training experience and ensure all users have current and correct knowledge their airline can leverage to enhance the passenger experience and simplify the complexities of the business. It also gives airlines the opportunity to visit Sabre Airline Solutions’ offices, meet some of the experts behind the technology and experience some “behind-the-scenes” activities that are relevant to the technology they use.

“The classes were very informative for us,” said Hani Nurlena Binti Mohammed, contact center representative for Malindo Airways, a Lion Air Group subsidiary. “It was a great opportunity for us to see the Sabre Airline Solutions office and meet the different teams that work with us everyday and get any issues resolved for us. The class was fun, and the trainer was superb.”

Another critical goal is to present the most complex solutions and share common best practices across the greater airline community. This gives airline users a more thorough understanding of the technology so they can achieve optimum results.

“Through the Continuous Learning Series sessions, we have learned new techniques for automated exchanges and refunds and irregular operations technology,” said Napastanaporn Kaewwongwan, reservations and ticketing manager for Bangkok Airways. “We also learned new EMD functionality. It was great to meet the folks at the SabreSonic CSS help desk, as well as the development team at the Bangalore office. The class was fun and wonderful, and we hope to join it again.”

Three Prime Locations

Continuous Learning Series sessions are held throughout the year at three main Sabre Airline Solutions offices, including its headquarters in Southlake, Texas, (pictured) as well as its offices in London and Bangalore. This gives airline representatives an opportunity to visit the technology company’s facilities as well as meet some of the experts behind the technology.

The Vision

The vision behind the Continuous Learning Series is the creation of a learning organization that cost effectively shares information across the globe. And that vision has come to fruition.

When the Continuous Learning Series was launched more than a decade ago, the primary challenge was to determine appropriate topics and develop a full agenda. Still relevant today, topics for the first sessions included schedule change, codeshare, inventory, reservations and ticketing. Through the years, the sessions have evolved to include advanced courses that address topics such as Electronic Miscellaneous Documents, schedule change control, dynamic schedules, automated exchanges and refunds, as well as SabreSonic® Check-In and codeshares.

“The training sessions gave me new insights into how we can better utilize the automated exchanges and refunds tool in line with our business needs,” said Yonaten Bekele, an application analyst for Ethiopian Airlines. “The training is very interactive and insightful.”

As a learning organization, the transfer of knowledge spans well beyond the Continuous Learning Series. Sabre Airline University®, an online portal that houses documentation of all SabreSonic CSS solutions, enables users of the technology to download documentation anywhere in the world … anytime.

Airlines representatives can log onto Sabre Airline University and register for Continuous Learning Series sessions. Airlines can send two representatives (super users) for training to any of the three locations. Those representatives can then use the information to educate other colleagues.

In addition, Sabre Airline University is a virtual learning institute that offers essential advanced airline education to SabreSonic CSS customers.

Knowledge Transfer

Super users who take advantage of the Continuous Learning Series can use the information they gain to educate systems users throughout the airline. This ensures that an airline achieves optimal benefits from their technology investments.

Four Primary Goals

There are four fundamental goals that continue to guide the content of Continuous Learning Series sessions:

  • Provide robust and cost-effective training sessions globally,
  • Build a community of “super users” within each airline able to share their knowledge across the entire organization,
  • Create and nurture an open environment for super users to learn and share best practices to better utilize the systems,
  • Provide a clear product scope and direction so airlines can better understand and anticipate the patterns of industry development over time.

To ensure the Continuous Learning Series provides the information and training that airline super users need and expect, feedback is gathered regularly so adjustments can be made, if necessary, and best practices can be incorporated into class agendas.

The Continuous Learning Series goes beyond learning, however. The Participants are encouraged to bring open service requests to the sessions, so they can work directly with members of the help desk to resolve issues as well as provide feedback and improve processes.

Clearly, technology is only as good as those utilizing and applying it. Ensuring that airline professionals receive the necessary training and education concerning the applications they use yields optimum results for airlines that have made these valuable technological investments.

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