Many technology companies have an arsenal of software solutions. However, their focus should span well beyond supplying those solutions to their customers. What about helping customers identify problem areas, building strategies to solve those problems, creating processes around industry best practices and looking into the future to help achieve long-term growth and success?

All of these activities are essential to an airline’s health and wellbeing. That’s why we don’t just develop and sell software. We also thrive in the area of consulting services so our customers know, well before purchasing and implementing new technology, that their investments are sound and necessary.

We have made significant investments in our consulting practice. And what makes our consultants unique isn’t necessarily their high-level of education or their passion for technology. Certainly, those attributes are important. However, what distinguishes them is that many of our consultants come directly from the airline industry. As former airline executives, they understand the business, and they are passionate about improving the air transport industry.

Our consulting team also includes former management consultants from McKinsey, KPMG, and Deloitte & Touche. Combined, our 100-plus subject matter experts possess more than 1,000 years of airline experience. We built this team with the primary purpose of helping airlines around the world be the best they can be.

It goes without saying that we work in a complex industry that changes at a phenomenal rate. Managing daily operations and ensuring that travelers arrive safely at their destinations is a significant responsibility. That task combined with examining ways to improve the overall operation can be taxing for airline leaders. And sometimes it’s downright overwhelming, but it’s necessary since becoming complacent in our environment won’t sustain an airline for long.

That’s where consulting services come into play. Discovering new ways of doing business that drive productivity, lower costs, achieve substantial revenue growth and promote customer loyalty is crucial in this volatile, constantly changing industry.

Whether it’s using Net Promoter Score® to measure your customers’ satisfaction levels, finding new methods for planning and managing partnerships with other airlines to expand your network and generate additional revenue, taking a new approach to pricing and revenue management to achieve optimal results or moving from a reactive to a proactive management style to improve the overall business, our consultants can evaluate your airline from an objective perspective and help drive the change your airline needs.

We cover these and more topics in our special section to give you a small sampling of the types of projects our consulting team undertakes. What’s more, you don’t have to implement one of our solutions to take advantage of these services. Plain and simple, we specialize in business process consulting, organizational structure redesign and change management, so no matter the nature of your business challenge, our subject matter experts can partner with you to resolve your issues.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Ascend, and I look forward to working with you to achieve the results you, your customers, your employees and your shareholders expect.


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